3 September, 2019

Logo Design in Houston


The difference that benefits entrepreneurs

Contacting an Agency for a logo design in Houston can be pretty challenging. Not just because there are many providers but also because each one has a different point of view.  And that could be at the time of creating the brand image for your business a big headache.

Most of guys charge a specific amount of money for one logo and up to three revisions (if you are lucky). But that doesn’t benefit the entrepreneur, specially if you don’t know exactly what you want.

At AGIS Marketing Solutions we went further: we modified our processes to benefit YOU.

First difference you will find is we talk with the potencial customer in person. We go to your office or you come to ours because we consider personal contact a very important part of the creative process.

And there it is where we really interact: we talk and we find out if there’s mutual empathy.

Next step in the process of logo design is understanding your idea and needs. That includes customer and business. Because sometimes what people want is not what business needs.

Once we understand what you and your business needs we create three proposals. Yes, that’s another big difference: we give you options! At this stage we are working with “format” options, still need to work on definitive colors.

Then you choose the option you most liked and we start with the modifications.

Now is time to work in details with colors (Read more about “Psychology of Color” here) and fonts allowing as many revisions are needed until the client accept the final model. This is another characteristic of our service when hiring logo design in Houston: unlimited revisions (of course “unlimited doesn’t mean infinite, some restrictions apply)

Yes!That’s another big difference: we give you options!

Once project is approved final work is delivered  with all variants and you could have a corporate manual (upon request) with all specifications of colors, fonts and proportions.

Our big difference is how we design.

Your next experience in Logo Design in Houston will be more pleasant because we optimized processes for your benefit.

…sometimes what people want is not what business needs.

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